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Meet Our Therapists

Jackie Vonfeldt, LMFT​

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Founder, Executive Director, Clinical Supervisor

Jackie is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and practice owner at Heart Space Counseling Center. Jackie specializes in marriage/couple therapy and individual therapy, working with PTSD and mood disorders resulting from relationship wounds and childhood / early life trauma. Through her doctoral studies and 10+ years of experience in the field, Jackie has developed a "get down to business" approach based on the most effective therapies, allowing her clients to feel and see results quickly while experiencing personal and relational healing that is both thorough and transformative. 


Holly Sperling, LPC
Licensed Professional Counselor

Holly is a Licensed Professional Counselor who shares space at Heart Space Counseling Center. Holly is an approved evaluator and treatment provider by the SOMB in working with adults, juveniles, and individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. In her work with a variety of clients, including court-ordered clients and people with severe mental illness, she has developed a strong and dedicated skillset in working with a vast array of clients from a place of compassion, empathy, and genuine caring in order to assist individuals, couples, and families in overcoming challenges.


Kaila Jantz, LSW
Licensed Social Worker

Kaila is a Licensed Social Worker who shares a space at Heart Space Counseling Center. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development from the University of California, San Diego and a Master of Social Work with a concentration in mental health and trauma from the University of Denver. Kaila has experience working with individuals presenting with anxiety disorders, mood disorders, substance use, and trauma. She also has experience working with families, Veterans, and individuals suffering from chronic illness. 

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